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Education is the new civil rights issue of our time. Doing well in school is foundational to career and life success. 

Join the MLK Youth Success Movement to help ensure your child has the skills to Thrive.

Scholarships available. All Families welcome.   

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  1. Every child enters kindergarten with the skills to do well in school.

  2. Every child achieves the 3rd-grade reading-proficiency milestone.
  3. Every elementary school student advances to middle school at grade level or above.
  4. Every middle school student advances to high school at grade level or above.
  5. Every high school student graduates with the skills to succeed in college, vocational school or career.
  6. No drop outs.

  • All families and students are welcome to join the TEAM.
  • Many program elements are free.
  • We charge a nominal membership fee of $25 per student per year for online programs; however, if a family cannot afford the fee, scholarships are available.
  • The regular retail cost of the program is over $200 annually, so the $25 membership fee is a great bargain.
  • Internet and a computer students can use to train are required. Scholarships available to help with computers.
  • Students train at home 20-25 minutes daily. The program is self guided and requires minimal supervision.
  • Basic registration is free. This allows any child to be eligible for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Achievement Award. Learn more
  • It also provides access to many tools at no cost to help your child succeed.
  • There is a $25 annual membership fee to qualify for the Reading Kingdom Program and Brain Training Program.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • We do not want cost to be any barrier to help a child.
  • Events and additional support will be available as resources permit. Joining the Achieve TEAM ensures you are kept informed of additional resources. 

MLK Achievement Award

  • Member students who pass the 3rd-grade state reading test receive a beautiful plaque to honor this achievement.
  • An additional merit button is added for each year thereafter the student is proficient in reading and math.
  • Students who are proficient each year until graduation will be eligible for scholarships.


  • Students in grades K-3 complete the award-winning online reading program Reading Kingdom.
  • Students in grades 2 and above complete online brain training programs to build cognitive skills to make learning faster, easier and more effective.

Irlen Project 

  1. 10-12% of the population have Irlen Syndrome
  2. It is not an optical vision issue
  3. For some, reading is difficult because the brain cannot easily process all of the light bouncing off a page of text or from a computer screen
  4. Letters or words may move, it may cause headaches, it may cause trouble with tracking, or it may cause tiredness or attention issues

John Adams Elementary--State of Emergency

The graph to the left depicts the state English Language Arts  scores at John Adams Elementary in School District 11, Colorado Springs (formerly Hunt Elementary).

92% of students in 3rd grade failed the state test for English Language Arts for 2017.

This is a crisis. Our children deserve better.

We urge families to join the MLK Youth Success Movement to get the help their children need to succeed.

We also need volunteers to help support the initiative to make John Adams Elementary a top performing school.

Upcoming Events

  • Weekly planning committee meeting, 10 a.m. Mondays at the PPSCLC office. We are always looking for new volunteers to participate. If you would like to join, please email us through the contact page.

Training Schedule

  • As new families join, we will set up regular orientation sessions at partner locations to make it convenient for families to participate. Our initial focus is in the Hillside Community and John Adams Elementary School Boundary.

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